Goal-Oriented Metropolis Ecosystem Development


  • Małgorzata Pańkowska University of Economics in Katowice




Enterprise Architecture, ArchiMate, i*language, metropolis, Key Performance Indicators


Enterprise architecture (EA) modelling is understood as a system of architecture defined in ISO42010 and EA is intended to ensure a holistic view of business organization. This study analyses the goal-oriented approach to EA development. Justification of selection of this topic results from studies on EA modelling methods. Enterprise architects mainly focus on process modelling as well as on the application of UML language. There is still an open question of what the goals of EA modelling are. This paper presents an application  of ArchiMate language and i* notation for goal-oriented EA modelling. The paper methodology covers a literature survey as well as a case study presenting ArchiMate and i* models for goal-oriented EA development by example of metropolis system architecture modelling. In this paper, a metropolis is defined as a consortium of cooperative communities and it is considered as a business organization for which the system architecture is modelled. The paper aims to develop the metropolis architecture model consisting of system components, i.e. business issues, data, software and hardware. The metropolis architecture models are provided to support development of a metropolis strategy. The main findings include the identification of business goals and EA goals, goal mapping, and specification of the key performance indicators (KPIs) to control the achievement of the goals.