The Impact of Social Media on Business Performance of Women Entrepreneurs and their Empowerment: A Mixed Methods Study in the Context of Sri Lanka


  • Thilini De Silva Stockholm University and NSBM Green University
  • Henrik Hansson Stockholm University



social media, women entrepreneurs, business performance, empowerment


The impact of social media on business performance of women entrepreneurs and their empowerment is examined in this research. Focusing on Sri Lanka, two research questions are addressed: (1) How are social media platforms empowering women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka today, and (2) How can the use of social media be improved to support women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka? A mixed-methods approach was used, with a survey (157 responses) and an online focus group (5 respondents)  discussion. The statistical findings showed that business performance of women entrepreneurs mediates the relationship between use of social media and women’s empowerment. Qualitative analysis revealed that the use of social media transforms mindsets, facilitates knowledge sharing, provides motivation, supports business operations, promotes gender-neutral branding, and enables networking for women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka to enhance the performance of their businesses, leading to empowerment. To enhance support, social media platforms should prioritize motivation, targeted networking, professional courses, and robust security measures.